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Meet Our New Property Manager

Angel Estrada | The New Manager

February 29, 2024

We are thrilled to announce the addition of Angel Estrada to our team at ProVest Commercial. With her extensive experience and dedication to excellence, Angel is sure to bring immense value to our property management services. Allow us to introduce you to Angel and share why we believe she is the perfect fit for our company.

Angel comes to us with a wealth of knowledge in property management and a passion for providing top-notch service to tenants, clients, and owners. With her expertise, she has successfully managed various properties, ensuring tenant satisfaction and maximizing the return on investment for owners. Her commitment to delivering outstanding results aligns perfectly with our mission at ProVest Commercial.


One of Angel’s greatest strengths lies in her ability to instill a shared, enthusiastic commitment to servicing tenants. She understands the importance of building strong relationships with tenants, fostering open communication, and addressing their needs in a timely and efficient manner. By prioritizing tenant satisfaction, Angel ensures that our properties remain attractive and desirable, which ultimately benefits our clients and owners.

In addition to her exceptional tenant management skills, Angel is a natural leader who leads by example. She believes in equipping all representatives of ProVest Commercial with the necessary knowledge and tools to succeed. This commitment to continuous improvement ensures that our team remains at the cutting edge of property management practices, allowing us to consistently deliver outstanding results.


Angel’s addition to our team further solidifies our commitment to providing exemplary commercial real estate services. At ProVest Commercial, we strive to deliver property services with an owner’s perspective. We understand that property management, accounting, construction/project services, lease administration, asset management, and receivership services are crucial aspects of ensuring an owner’s peace of mind.

Our leadership team at ProVest Commercial is comprised of accomplished individuals who oversee every assignment’s daily operations, ensuring consistency and collaboration. With the support of Angel’s expertise, we are confident that our property service experts will continue to be “best in class” at their roles, providing you with every possible advantage in the execution of the ProVest quality property and project management services you deserve.


In conclusion, we are thrilled to have Angel Estrada join our team as the new Property Manager at ProVest Commercial. Her dedication to excellent service and her commitment to fostering strong tenant and client relationships align perfectly with our mission. With Angel leading the way, we are confident that ProVest Commercial will continue to deliver exemplary property and project management services that exceed your expectations.

If you’re in need of top-notch property management services, look no further than ProVest Commercial. Contact us today to experience the difference an accomplished team and a dedicated property manager like Angel Estrada can make for your commercial real estate investment.